Brand History

The famous luxury brand jeans "JACOB COHEN" was founded in 1985 in Pontelongo (Italy) by TATO Bardelle.

The name "JACOB COHEN" is born to recreate a story around a high-end jeans while paying tribute to JACOB DAVIS (inventor of the rivet and collaborator LEVI STRAUSS).

NICOLA Bardelle son of Tato takes orders the house dice 2002 and thus developing the brand internationally by setting up in the most fashionable and opening its own stores including boutiques in St Tropez, Paris and Milan and more recently in Marbella and Geneva.

The brand is making his plays Italy in its plants in Veneto and Sicily using only the finest materials such as fabrics "Loro Piana" or denim Selvedges JAPANESE houses "KUBARO" or "MAMARATO".

Jeans JACOB COHEN are often mixed elastane, making it unparalleled comfort.

Many details make these unique jeans, the material buttons (silver and carbon), cotton pockets of patterned carefully included with every jeans in a special pouch allowing the jeans to breathe, plates, leather (skin, crocodile, galucha) JACOB COHEN scratched, and some editions a small bottle of perfume brand and other details yet

For limited editions, buttons steel is the same used for the bracelet of Rolex watches, the plates are matched logo in silver, denim are dyed with natural indigo (which makes it more resistant canvas the richest washes, and aging of denim pure).

All the "Limited Editions" is a red border selvedge which allows wearing jeans with turn while keeping a detail on the bottom.

The brand has for years opted for eco-friendly production processes using the least amount of chemicals.

All these details are gathered jeans JACOB COHEN exceptional jeans, the famous brand slogan "Go to bed with a dream, Wake up with a purpose," is from the beginning of this family success the guiding development the brand.