What is the Jacob Cohen fall-winter collection about?

It is about superb quality, trim details, cozy, warming colors, and endless taste for life.

This year highlights on an historic and traditional trip: Le Grand Tour

A travel from Venice to Istanbul through Milan, Florence and Rome providing an opportunity to discover cultural wonders, arts and antiquities of Europe and beyond.

It is the inspiration behind the Jacob Cohën Autumn-Winter 2023 Menswear collection, an interpretation The Grand Tour in line with the brand's DNA.

Deep, enveloping burgundy inspired by evening banters with friends in the bar, mustard yellow of fallen leaves in the park you walk through on the way to the office, gray and brown of cobblestone pavements, black and white of charcoal graphics of snow in the city.

Traditional Jacob Cohen jeans of all cuts are accompanied by many other appealing pieces of garment to add to your wardrobe in the upcoming season.

The man's sheepskin coat of the autumn-winter collection, in black and creamy beige, has a bold character, stylized as a leather jacket. The approach to the choice of material remained traditional. Soft dense sheepskin, thanks to the thick silky pile on the underside, is not afraid of the wind and maintains an optimal temperature even in winter.

The burgundy straight trousers resemble a cut of jeans. For this laconic model, the Jacob Cohen masters used soft cotton stretch corduroy. The only decor is a branded patch on the back of the belt. A white T-shirt, a gray jacket, and baked milk-colored sneakers will support the casual outfit.

Navy-blue jeans can become the basis of a casual office style if you wear them with a shirt and penny loafers. But brand stylists offer a more relaxed casual pairing with a T-shirt, light jacket, and sneakers. 

Trousers of a convenient straight cut will keep a faultless appearance even after frequent washings. The elastic threads in dense denim prevent the fabric from losing its shape over time.

Unlike many other black jeans, the ones in the collection of the fashion house have a non-uniform shade and halftones. This effect was achieved with the help of artificial scuffs, which are created manually on soft dense cotton. To make the thing stretch better and not hinder movement, smooth elastic threads were added to the composition.

The deep black color became a connecting link for materials of different textures in another piece of clothing in this collection. The designers of the brand created a man's jacket in a non-trivial way, choosing granular elastic leather for the front and back, and delicate woolen yarn for knitted sleeves and a hood. The model, insulated with a light synthetic winterizer, can be ideally combined with jeans and a bright wool turtleneck.

Brown trousers will be a worthy alternative to the usual black in a casual office look with a sweater and Chelsea boots. The model is made of soft fine wool. Thanks to the particularly tight weave of the threads, the material is virtually wrinkle-resistant, so the product will look flawless all day long.

The same cut blue trousers are a "universal soldier" of the season in the offing. They will equally harmoniously fit both casual and casual office looks. A soft durable wool, pleasant to the touch, holds its shape well. 

So, ironed arrows will remain crisp all day long.

For the autumn-winter season, the brand offered a new version of the basic white T-shirt. A delicate jersey made of ultra-long cotton fibers, which were hand-processed, is used for the T-shirt. This material is stronger and silkier than the basic one. The product with short sleeves and a round neckline was decorated with the brand's logo embroidered in black thread on the front.

One more straight black pair of trousers from the collection will suit those who are not burdened with a strict office dress code. Made of soft wool with added elastic fibers the model maintains an optimal temperature and does not hinder movement. Due to a precisely adjusted cut, it fits perfectly any body type.

The designers didn't forget about sweatshirts. The gray one turned out to be extremely concise. The restraint of the model is not violated even by the brand's large logo on the front: relief embroidery was done with matching thread. 

Soft cotton lining provides comfort. This material has a denser weave than jersey and a textured underside. It is less blown by the wind and retains body heat better.

A woman's leather jacket from the autumn-winter collection does not need rich decoration to draw attention. A rich wine or charcoal black shade does an excellent job. For this quilted model, soft textured leather was used. A light layer of insulation is responsible for a comfortable temperature. 

The model is fastened with a zip, which is hidden under the straps, decorated with a print in the form of the brand's logo.

The jacket goes well with corduroy slim-fit trousers of any shade.