Jacob Cohen Jeans 5 reasons to own a Jacob Cohen

Holding a pair of Jacob Cohen

1.   Perfection is their middle name

This isn’t quite literally true, but specialists at Jacob Cohen jeans are particular about the whole process. From using the finest japanese fabrics to hand crafting each jean with artistic Italian tailoring, these jeans are uniquely perfect. The production happens in culturally diverse and rich Italian region called Veneto using rare materials like “Kurabo denim.” They spare no expense or time to create a masterpiece in jeans.

2. No two pair of jeans are alike

That’s right, you saw that correctly, no two pair of jeans made by Jacob Cohen are ever alike. It’s because of the hand production process used in each patch, all the needlework and every distressed abrasion. Each pair of jeans is assigned a unique tracking code that follows the garment through the whole manufacturing process. So when it’s complete and sold to you, you know it has a history before you’ve even created one by wearing them. It’s like having a best friend show up who has their own story when they show up.

3. They care about the environment

Jacob Cohen jeans are committed to using eco-friendly manufacturing processes that have gotten rid of the use of chemicals in their dying and washing process. Additionally, they use natural Greek pumice to hand distress each pair of jeans. They boast a washing procedure that is free of anything synthetic. So, their jeans are hand made with environmentally friendly processes that guarantee your helping the environment when you buy.

4. They have incredibly diverse styles

You would think that a pair of jeans is pretty much like any other pair of jeans. If you do, you’re way off base when it comes to Jacob Cohen Jeans. Because each pair is unique, the variety in styles in vast, as seen here. One of the most unique aspects of the jeans besides a tracking number is that they are made with stylized buttons that create a relaxed fit that is perfect for any party, jaunt, or urban playground.

5. Their Motto Rocks

You may not consider a company’s motto as a point to buy their product, but you’d be wrong in this case. Jacob Cohen Jeans’ motto is “Go to bed with a dream … Wake up with a purpose.” This is indicative of the lifestyle Jacob Cohen jeans elicits. Put on those luxuriously soft and well fitting jeans in the morning when you’ve awakened with a purpose. Then go out there and change the world. It’s the way most mavericks and millennials operate today and it’s a true additional reason to buy these jeans.

Bonus: They give you something when you buy

When you buy a pair of Jacob Cohen Jeans, they throw in some goodies to help you make the jeans even more your own. They foster individuality and freedom of creativity by giving you a spool of thread that matches your jeans’ stitching. They also include a pumice stone to help if you need to make hem adjustments. Finally, they include a small piece of cloth to polish your silver buttons and a silk pochette. They are firm believers in allowing you the creative freedom to make a pair of Jacob Cohen Jeans your own.

Jacob Cohen jeans are the pinnacle of high end jeans, but their value is unmatched because each pair is uniquely made using the highest quality japanese fabric and utilizing eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Then they attach a tracking code to each individual pair so you know yours is truly your own. They may cost quite a lot, but they have no comparable companies who can give you these amazing qualities in a pair of jeans.

ir of Jacob Cohen jeans in your hands, the craftsmanship that goes into each and every pair is palpable. Using premium Japanese Kurabo denim in a range of indigo-dyed washes and smart selvage weaves, everything is given careful attention, from the fit of the jeans right down to the individual hardware of each style. Crafted entirely by hand in the Veneto region of northern Italy, jeans come in clean dark hues and relaxed stonewashes, while fits encompass the full spectrum, from slim stretch cuts to more tailored silhouettes. Finished with colour-matched logo hardware and brand patches in leather, exotics and ponyskin, they are a year-round staple for the denim lover.